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Get Active in New Zealand!

New Zealand is an adventurer’s playground. It’s THE destination to get outdoors, be active, and enjoy the scenery, whether that be by hiking, walking, cycling, kayaking, or horseback riding!

With thousands of kilometres of trails, New Zealand is most definitely a hiker’s paradise. No harmful animals, few people, and pristine countryside. Biking in New Zealand is also starting to gain popularity. With major investment in a country-wide trail network in recent years, there’s a trail to suit everyone, and a world of exploring to do!

New Zealand also has a mild climate and doesn’t experience the extremes in temperatures like we do here in North America, so you can travel there year-round. If you’re interested in hiking, then the summer months are the best time to go, from October to April. On the other hand, New Zealand’s winters are relatively mild, so you can travel there from June to September to do some skiing as well as hiking.

Below we have 3 active itineraries for you to explore – a multisport adventure (8 days); a great walks discovery (5 days), and a walking and gastronomy experience (13 days). These itineraries allow you to see New Zealand through the eyes of locals, in a local way, far from the touristy areas. These trips are planned for small groups (usually around 8-10 people) with fixed departure dates. Contact us for information on the departure dates.

As always, if you want to customize a trip or plan a private experience, get in touch so that we can plan a trip just for you!

South Island Multisport (8 Days)

New Zealand is quite the adventure playground, and this 8 day trip is action-packed, taking in the best parts of the South Island. Get outdoors and enjoy the scenery on this beautiful island, while you hike, bike and kayak.

Also enjoy unique experiences, like a mind-blowing scenic flight with a bird’s eye view of the Southern Alps, and an overnight cruise in Milford Sound. This trip offers experiences and views you will always remember!


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Great Walks Discovery ( 5 days)

New Zealand is most definitely a hiker’s paradise, with thousands of kilometers of trails, no harmful animals, few people, and pristine countryside. On this 5 day trip, take in a sample of 3 of the 8 Great Walks in New Zealand and gain a real insight into Fiordland – New Zealand’s largest and most remote national Park.

Also, enjoy an overnight cruise in a remote wilderness area, a nature cruise to the head of a spectacular fiord, and see some of the rarest birds up close at a conservation birdlife park.



Walking, Wine & Food (13 days)

This 13-day journey gives you a taste of New Zealand’s stunning scenery, and delicious food and wine on both the North and South Islands. Experience all this firsthand and close up through gentle hikes, luxurious accommodations, rich New Zealand culture, and a delicious sampling of the local wine and food.

Enjoy unforgettable experiences along the way – relax in New Zealand’s premier area of geothermal activity, waterfront picnics with breathtaking views, scenic cruises through the glorious wilderness, a glittering grotto of glow worms in a 200 metre system of caves, a jet boat ride up one of New Zealand’s most incredible river valleys, and more!




If you’re happy to join an existing group departure, you’ll be in a small group (usually around 8-10 people) of like-minded travellers from all over the world, all eager to explore New Zealand in an active way, through the eyes of locals.


Pricing below is for scheduled small group departures in 2019. Contact us for information on the departure dates. If you want to travel in a private group, we can also create a trip just for you and your friends or family. Contact us now!


South Island Multisport (8 Days)

From 5,399 CAD + New Zealand GST


Great Walks Discovery (5 days)

From 3,999 CAD + New Zealand GST


Walking, Wine and Food (13 days)

From 11,399 CAD + New Zealand GST



As always, we can customize any trip for you. Contact us now to start the conversation!

Get Active in New Zealand!