The Terraficionados Difference

Terraficionados is a Travel Society. Terraficionados are Journeymakers.

Travel Society and Journeymakers is a phrase we use to describe the Terraficionados team. We are travel enthusiasts who are eager to show you the world from a different perspective. We are called Society Members

We are Journeymakers – we take your travel dreams and turn them into reality.


We have the ‘inside scoop’ on the most amazing places to see, and the most memorable ways to experience them.


You are getting the enthusiasm, knowledge, and personal touch required to ensure you have an amazing journey that is just right for you.


We are your well-travelled and discerning friend. We have a passion for organizing these amazing experiences for others.


We are industry accredited and our Society Members and Journeymakers are experienced travellers themselves.

The Terraficionados Difference