Nature and ecotourism

Travel the way nature intended. Travel in a low-impact way that engages you directly with the natural world. Imagine cruising gently in a raft down a canyon river as cliffs, thousands of feet high, soar above you, or snorkeling to see exotic sea creatures, or observing wildlife in a rainforest, or lions and elephants in their natural habitat. From oceans to mountains to the Amazon to the plains in East Africa, we would like to show you what our natural world has to offer.

These trips are just a sample of the kinds of itineraries we can create which feature nature and ecotourism. We compose unique travel experiences that are just right for you.

Sample Itineraries

Northwest Passage – Arctic Discovery (17 days)

On this immersive 17-day expedition through the fabled sea route, the Northwest Passage, you’ll explore the same landscapes and waters that have enchanted adventurers for hundreds of years, tracing their footsteps. Experience highlights of the Canadian Arctic, visit traditional Inuit communities, view iconic arctic wildlife, such as whales, walrus and muskoxen, and explore deep fjords, ancient glaciers and innumerable icebergs. Zodiac cruises and hiking excursions bring you closer to the raw beauty of lands few have set foot on and waters few have sailed.

Antarctic – Discover the 7th Continent (11 days)

Antarctica has been inspiring explorers for centuries. This 11-day expedition offers you the chance to discover why, with an unforgettable journey through the spectacular wilderness of the South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula. Prepare to be dwarfed by massive, glistening icebergs and the looming peninsula—the most pristine region on the planet. Learn about the environment and wildlife from on-board lecturers and specialists. Marvel at the marine life - penguins, seals, whales - and the myriad of seabirds swooping in close to show off just for you. Rediscover your adventurous spirit: scramble just a little higher up that peak, kayak between ice floes, or share a pebbly beach with curious penguins.

Costa Rica Family Adventure (10 days)

This 10-day Costa Rica adventure is tailored for families looking for some fun and wild activities, and looking to discover nature up close.

Maya civilizations and water explorations (9 days)

This 9-day itinerary allows you to discover the Maya civilizations of Guatemala, including Tikal National Park, with some of the most fascinating archeological remains of the Mayans. Then on to Belize where you will relax at your beachfront hotel, and enjoy some water activities, like scuba diving and cave exploration.

Galapagos Islands Adventure and Wildlife (8 days)

On this 8 day adventure through the Galapagos Islands you will see truly unique wildlife, up close! Your journey takes place aboard an upscale expedition vessel, a wonderful way to explore this nature-lovers’ paradise. You get substantial exploration ‘range’ throughout the archipelago, and spectacular comfort and terrific food when each day’s adventure is done!

Tanzania and Kenya Safari (12 days)

Discover the natural beauty and incredible wildlife of Kenya and Tanzania on this 12-day safari. The animals are prolific and diverse. The landscapes are jaw-dropping. The game lodges and camps are bucket-list-worthy!

Private-Guided Southern Africa Journey (19 days)

Welcome to Southern Africa! This itinerary incorporates all that Southern Africa has to offer. Get up close to the wildlife at the National Parks in South Africa, Botswana and Zambia, see the great Victoria Falls, visit the sites in Johannesburg and Cape Town, and enjoy the outstanding views this region has to offer.

Brazil Active Adventure (15 days)

Take a spectacular, active adventure through Brazil! Tour Rio de Janeiro and see the city's famous historical and cultural sites. Visit the country's most amazing natural wonders such as Iguacu Falls, the Torrinha Caves, and Morro do Pai Inacio. Then, travel into the jungle and experience the Amazon! See Pink Dolphins, go Piranha Fishing and visit the local community in Rio Negro. This journey is definitely for those who love nature and adventure and wish to experience Brazil in a unique, exciting way!

Tanzania Culture & Wildlife Safari (9 days)

This 9-day safari offers game drives in Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, and the Serengeti. While exploring these diverse wildlife reserves there’s a good chance you will spot Africa’s famous Big Five and much more! In the Serengeti, enjoy your stay at a luxury mobile camp situated seasonally either in the north or south, according to the movement of the migration. Here you will also have exclusive use of your own safari vehicle. To round out the trip, you will learn about the local culture on your visit to remote tribes and to a local school.

Kenya Safari in Style (10 days)

This 10-day Kenya safari features stylish, well-appointed accommodations in the heart of wildlife reserves. Embark on game drives in three different regions of the country to get a glimpse of the Big Five and more, and to witness the diversity of the beautiful scenery. Visit one of Africa’s greatest wildlife reserves, Masai Mara, where game viewing is spectacular year round.

Galapagos Land, Sea and Underwater Adventure (5 days)

On this 5-day adventure through the Galapagos Islands you will see truly unique wildlife! Traveling to several islands, you get substantial exploration ‘range’ throughout the archipelago, all in spectacular comfort, and with terrific food! This land-based program has you staying in wonderful boutique hotels on the islands of the Galapagos, giving you the opportunity to get up close to the wildlife, and to visit with some of the local human inhabitants.

Adventure in the Amazon in Brazil (5 days)

This itinerary was designed to give the adventurous traveler a perspective of one of the most scenic and culturally interesting areas of the Amazon, and what’s best: still undiscovered by mass tourism. Explore beautiful white beaches, blue water rivers, piranha fishing, primitive local communities, and rainforest trekking, all aboard your private yacht charter.

Bali’s Northwest – Nature in Style (7 days)

On this 7-day private-guided trip you will stay in the Northwest of Bali, renowned for its serene environment and stunning nature. This itinerary is filled with unique and active adventures - A boat ride in a dug-out canoe, a trek through the rainforest, rappelling and canyoning, snorkelling, a land rover excursion through the rice fields, and more! All of this amid breathtakingly beautiful scenery.

Cruise in the Komodo Islands, Indonesia (5 days)

The Komodo Islands, accessible only by boat, offer unparalleled views and easy hikes on grassy islands that are home to world’s largest lizard – the Komodo Dragon. On this 5 day trip, you will enjoy world-class diving and snorkeling in warm turquoise waters abundant with marine life, as well as secluded white sandy beaches.

Nature and ecotourism