Cultural and historical

Exploring the culture and history of a destination is a great way to get a deep understanding of its heart and soul. It also provides some insight into the local people and the community’s way of life (past or present). There are many ways to explore – wander the hidden cobblestone streets and enclaves of medieval villages, discover the ruins of ancient civilizations, meander through museums learning about ancient artifacts and their significance, investigate an archeological dig, include a home-stay in a local village in your itinerary… There is so much to discover and so many ways to do it!

These trips are just a sample of the kinds of itineraries we can create which feature the culture and history of the destination. We compose unique travel experiences that are just right for you.

Sample Itineraries

Luxury Adventure in Yucatán, Mexico (10 days)

This 10-day trip takes you off the beaten track to beautiful Yucatán gems only the luckiest travelers see, all in five-star comfort and style. You will learn about regional life, history and archaeology from our expert guides. And don’t worry—there’s plenty of time to relax and do nothing, too!

Bhutan’s Culture & History (10 days)

On this 10-day trip, immerse yourself in Bhutan's culture and history, and enjoy all the natural beauty the country has to offer. Visit Bumthang, one of the most spectacular valleys in Bhutan, and also the heartland of Buddhism. Explore the remote Tang Valley, and try some local beer at the Red Panda Brewery in Bumthang. Enjoy a traditional meal at a traditional Bhutanese farmhouse in Paro. Hike to the famous Tiger’s Nest Monastery, located on a sheer cliff 900m above the valley. Throughout your journey, enjoy the comforts of your well-appointed accommodations.

Wonders of the Maya World Luxury Adventure (5 days)

This 5-day trip takes you off the beaten track to beautiful Yucatán gems only the luckiest travelers see, all in five-star comfort and style. You will learn about regional life, history, and archaeology from our expert guides. This is a perfect itinerary to add-on to a sun-n-fun trip for a little taste of adventure.

Netherlands, Belgium & France – City Tour (13 days)

On this 13-day journey, travel through the main cities of the Netherlands, Belgium, and finish off in Paris, 'the city of love'. Explore Amsterdam, the Hague, Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges, Brussels, and Paris all by foot, allowing you to explore at a relaxed pace. Always led by a local, you will visit popular and historical sites and will gain deep knowledge of the history and culture in each destination.

An Intimate Journey through Vietnam & Cambodia (12 Days)

This 12 day journey through Vietnam and Cambodia is a really unique adventure, including luxury accommodations, delicious culinary experiences, and private tours with guides who know the destinations intimately. You will be immersed in the bustle, history, and culture in the cities of Hanoi and Saigon; experience the tranquility of Halong Bay and the Mekong Delta; explore the quaint, old streets of Hoi An; and learn about the deep, fascinating history of Angkor Wat.

Japan’s Well-Kept Secrets (11 days)

This 11-day trip through some of Japan’s best-kept secrets gives you a deep and authentic immersion into Japan’s history and culture. First visit the beautiful city of Kyoto, one of the most culturally rich cities in Asia. Here you can meet a Geisha and gain a deep understanding of the geisha world. From Kyoto, go to the countryside village of Miyama and visit a typical house, a kayabuki thatched-room farmhouse, not known to most tourists. Next, head to Okayama, where you can take a sake brewery tour or visit a sword museum. Then on to Naoshima, Japan’s famous “Art Island”, where you will visit a unique public bathhouse which is also an art installation itself, and stay at an art gallery which is also a luxury hotel! From here, head to the beautiful, medieval city of Matsue, where you will visit Izumo Taisha, widely considered to be Japan’s oldest and one of its most important shrines. Finally, finish off the trip with a night in Osaka where you can sample some of Japan’s famous cuisines.

Israel & Jordan World Heritage Site Exploration (10 days)

Israel is a country rich in history and culture. On this 10-day trip, learn about all Israel has to offer, and explore its various World Heritage Sites in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and the surrounding regions! In addition, journey into Jordan to visit Amman, the capital city, as well as the ancient, breathtaking city of Petra. This trip packs it in - From magnificent temples and cathedrals, to beautiful architecture and landscapes, Israel and Jordan will leave you breathless!

Journey Ethiopia’s Historic Route (10 days)

On this 10-day trip, you will journey through northern Ethiopia along the country's historic route. Cruise along the placid Lake Tana exploring its historic island monasteries by boat; visit the thriving city of Gondar, known as 'Africa’s Camelot', home to medieval castles and churches; in the Simien Mountains, see some of Ethiopia’s endemic wildlife, most notably the gelada baboon; visit the magnificent rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, a rural town known as ‘Africa’s Petra’; wander through Axum, one of Ethiopia’s nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites and one of the ancient civilizations of the world; hike to the spectacular churches carved into the Gheralta Mountains, requiring stamina and determination to reach many of them. While gaining a deep knowledge of the nation's history, you will also be immersed in the local culture. Meet and talk with many locals along the way in the small villages, and gain some local cooking and baking skills as well!

A Journey to the Capitals of Hungary, Austria, Czech (10 days)

This 10-day trip features amazing historical and cultural experiences in the capital cities of Hungary, Austria and Czech Republic. From the magnificent House of Parliament in Budapest to the famous Spanish Riding School in Vienna and the humbling Castle District in Prague, you will have the chance to delve deep into these countries' pasts and see some of their most sought after treasures. Leave this journey with knowledge, understanding, and a new found love for Europe.

Trekking in Yunnan, China (10 days)

This 10-day itinerary takes you on an adventure through the Yunnan province in China. You will explore the amazing city of Dali, the historic Old Town of Shaxi, the cobblestone streets of Lijiang, pottery-making in Tacheng, and the lovely city of Shangri-la. The highlight of this trip is the 2-day trek through the most beautiful area of the Yunnan Province - Tiger Leaping Gorge - to experience local hospitality, natural wonders and phenomenal scenery.

Journey through Magnificent Turkey (10 days)

Begin in Istanbul and discover some of the most unique and exciting sites of the city, including the Blue Mosque, a cruise along Bosphorus waterway, and the Grand Covered Bazaar. Move on to the famous Cappadocia, where you will have the chance to explore the underground city at Kaymakli, take a Hot Air Balloon ride over the landscape and participate in a traditional cooking class. Finish your trip with a 4-day cruise starting in Bodrum where you will visit the city of Ephesus and swim in crystal blue waters.

Magnificent Journey through Myanmar (16 days)

On this 16-day journey experience Myanmar by land, water and air! Tour historical and cultural landmarks in Yangon and Mandalay; cruise from Mandalay to Bagan and indulge in the magnificent sunsets and landscapes; take a breathtaking Hot Air Balloon ride over Bagan to get a spectacular view of the world famous archaeological site; embark on a 4-day trek through the small villages of Myanmar. This journey is definitely for those who thrive on adventure and wish to have unique and active experiences!

Mainland City Hopping in Greece (12 days)

This 12-day itinerary will take you across mainland Greece on a city hopping tour. This is a trip you can do all year-round to get a deeper knowledge of Greece's culture, art, incredible museums, and great food! The tour includes two world-class European cities - Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as several smaller towns, such as Nafplio, Laconia, Olympia, Delphi, and Kalambaka. Enjoy in-depth city tours, and well-appointed accommodation along the way. 

Discover the Emirates (8 Days)

On this 8-day trip, we cover all the highlights of the United Arab Emirates. Be fascinated by Dubai's rich history and tradition; explore the sights and landmarks of Abu Dhabi, a fascinating mix of tradition and progression; take a day to explore the picturesque East Coast, from quaint fishing villages to mountain canyons and beautiful beaches; and enjoy a magical and memorable evening as you watch the sun go down through the dunes and indulge in a delicious dinner at a traditional Bedouin style camp. Finally, with some leisure time included, we can help you select additional unique adventures to complete your trip.  

Spain Family Adventure (13 days)

In this 13-day itinerary, you have a chance to explore Spain's cosmopolitan cities, taking in the culture, history, architecture and food. We've also included some time to enjoy the countryside, and embark on some adventurous activities, like hiking, canyoning, kayaking, and more. We've also incorporated lots of leisure time so that you can explore and enjoy your time in Spain at your own pace!

Cultural and historical