Food and wine

Eat, drink, and travel. There is no better way to get a taste for a destination and get familiar with the local people and culture than to savour its offerings. Tour some of the best restaurants and wineries in the world, indulging in authentic, local cuisine and wines. You can also get hands-on experience in a cooking class if you want to be able to savour the local food back in the comfort of your own home. Let us help you immerse in the destination by discovering the gastronomic delights of the region! These trips are just a sample of the kinds of itineraries we can create which feature food and wine. We compose unique travel experiences that are just right for you.

Sample Itineraries

Foodie and Cultural Adventure in Spain (12 days)

This 12-day trip to Spain has a compelling mix of great activities, perfect if you’re craving delicious food, wine, history and culture. Indulge in luxury accommodation, set amid stunning scenery; enjoy meals at some of the country's best restaurants, including Michelin star restaurants; sip exquisite wine across the country; and explore historical and cultural sites in Spain's cosmopolitan cities and smaller towns.

Israel Food and Wine Tour (10 days)

On this 10-day tour through Israel, you will experience it all - food, wine, history and culture! With cooking classes from famous chefs, wine tastings, and dining at world renowned restaurants, Israel's culinary world is at your finger tips. In addition, learn about this country's rich, long history and diverse cultures. Leave this journey packed with knowledge, memories, and of course a full stomach!

Italy Culinary Adventure (9 days)

This 9-day journey will take you around the region of Puglia, Italy, which lies in the heel of the boot, along the sun-drenched Adriatic Sea. On this trip you will tour the region by car, by bike and by foot, and partake in one-of-kind culinary experiences – a cooking class, wine, gelato and olive oil tastings, a visit to the famous Li Veli winery, and decadent dinners at the most indulgent restaurants in Puglia. Puglia offers access to the freshest seafood, crowd-free open spaces, irresistible desserts and pastries, distinct wines, and the 50 million olive trees that make this region the world’s leading producer of olive oil.

Highlights and Tastes of Uruguay (10 days)

On this 10-day trip, discover the highlights of Uruguay with an emphasis on delectable culinary experiences. Immigrants introduced both cheese and wine to Uruguay hundreds of years ago and nowadays the country is rich in vineyards, wineries, artisan cheese producers and olive oil plants. Be ready to be surprised by a variety of exquisite sites and tastes!

Belgium For Foodies (8 Days)

Belgium is known for its fries, waffles, chocolates, and beer, but there is much more to savour in this food-lover's dream destination. On this 8-day trip, you will travel throughout Belgium, enjoying guided tours in each city, with a focus on finding both the unique and popular food offerings. We will point you to all the best restaurants, food stalls, and beer halls.  Explore a wide variety of fresh seafood, get behind-the-scene chocolate and brewery tours, dine at Michelin star restaurants, and learn how to make your own Flemish dishes.There is no better way to get a taste for a destination and get familiar with the local people and culture than to savour its offerings!

New Zealand Walking, Wine & Food (13 days)

This 13-day journey gives you a taste of New Zealand's stunning scenery, and delicious food and wine on both the North and South Islands. Experience all this firsthand and close up through gentle hikes, luxurious accommodations, rich New Zealand culture, and a delicious sampling of the local wine and food. Enjoy unforgettable experiences along the way - relax in New Zealand’s premier area of geothermal activity, waterfront picnics with breathtaking views, scenic cruises through the glorious wilderness, a glittering grotto of glow worms in a 200 metre system of caves, a jet boat ride up one of New Zealand’s most incredible river valleys, and more!

Chilean Bike & Wine Adventure (7 Days)

This 7-day trip will expose you to the best of Chile’s wine country on two wheels! This custom-designed program includes moderate biking on paved and unpaved roads through the best of Chile’s wine country.

Biking Lakeside in Chile (7 Days)

On this 7-day journey, you’ll experience Chile's diverse natural beauty on a custom-designed bike adventure, where you’ll pedal far from traditional tourist routes over country roads, through forests, and along rows of vineyards laden with grapes.

Food and wine