Southern Europe & Mediterranean

Castles and palaces, fascinating history, beautiful architecture, stunning scenery, idyllic beaches and secluded islands, sumptuous food and world-class wines – Southern Europe has so much to offer! With so much to see and do in this region, let us help you plan a trip full of diverse and palpable experiences you will never forget!


  • Amalfi Coast, Italy
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Santorini, Greece
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia

Authentic and Undiscovered

  • N.P. Paklenica and Plitvice Lakes, Croatia
  • Sardinia, Italy
  • White Hill Towns, Spain
  • Montenegro


‘Eat’ your heart out in Italy

Italy is known for so much – food, wine, history, romance… and for good reason, the place is endowed with a bounty of all of it! Start your exploration of this wonderful destination in Rome – enjoy a private walking tour to explore the Forum, the Colosseum, and the Baroque quarters of the city  – a great way to get oriented and to uncover intriguing facts and ‘secrets’ that only a local can bring to light! Wander the Vatican museums, the rooms of Raphael, and the Sistine Chapel, admiring the spectacular art collections. In Venice, take a gondola ride through the canals and let the magic of this enchanting city soak in. Sample delicious Italian cuisine prepared by YOU with the guidance of an expert chef in Florence, and sip sophisticated wines at the estates in Tuscany. Explore the ancient streets of Pompeii and learn about one of the most intriguing and spectacular archeological sites in the world. Hike some of the most dramatic coastlines you will find anywhere in the Amalfi Coast and Cinque Terre. The experiences for travellers in Italy are diverse and plentiful – weave them together into a trip that will delight you with new surprises each day!

Bienvenue à France!

France is known for its art, culture, dramatic geography, the iconic Eiffel Tower, and so much more. Start with Paris – the main attraction and a city that simply won’t let you leave without falling in love with it! Explore all the key landmarks with a private guide, or perhaps do it more independently on a hop-on/hop-off bus tour. Explore the museums and engage in the extraordinary art collections, but also make time to simply wander the cobblestone streets and linger in cafes, absorbing the sophisticated Parisian culture. Visit the Palace of Versailles, and be sure to walk through the elaborate gardens, full of magnificent statues, busts and marble vases. Escape into the French Alps for some adventure – mountain biking, hiking, skiing, the possibilities are many and the setting is awesome. Indulge in fantastic food and wine and perhaps linger in a classic villa in Bordeaux, Burgundy, or Cotes du Rhone. Explore the French Riviera, steeped in sophistication and luxury, and pulsing with a vibrant summer scene. There’s no shortage of excitement and interesting experiences to be had in France – what strikes your fancy?

An ideal active and adventure destination – Croatia

The Republic of Croatia is at the crossroads of Central Europe, the Balkans, and the Mediterranean. With more than a thousand islands off the Adriatic coast, Croatia is a “Jewel“ in the Mediterranean region. Croatia is an adventure-lover’s paradise, blessed with rugged mountains, crystal clear lakes and rivers, rugged canyons, and miles of pristine coastline for the active traveler to explore on foot, by bicycle, or by raft. Visit Zagreb, Split, and Dubrovnik and also have the opportunity to actively explore natural wonders like the spectacular Plitvice Lakes, Paklenica National Park, Cetina River Canyon, and the coastal waters around Dubrovnik’s Old Town. Croatia boasts a rich cultural legacy of stunning architecture and fantastic food, and over the past decade Croatian wine has exploded onto the scene, providing yet another reason to visit this stunning destination.

History, culture, architecture, adventure and relaxation – Spain’s got it all!

Visit Spain’s major cities for a deep dive into the country’s history and culture, escape into the mountains for a dose of adventure, or get away to an island for some relaxation. The options are endless in Spain! Barcelona, determined to project itself as Spain’s most innovative city, offers a staggering array of attractions. Take in the Gaudi and Modernism architecture and learn the importance of Catalan history and culture in the city’s development. Madrid is one of the world’s most vibrant and seductive cities. Take in the capital’s most impressive sights, such as the Plaza de Oriente, and the historic quarter, including the 17th-century Plaza Mayor, a wonderful Baroque square lined with arcades filled with picturesque cafes.  Escape into the mountains in the magnificent Spanish Pyrenees, where you can find a variety of hiking opportunities from the relatively short and easy to the very challenging. There are many other activities to do here, such as kayaking, white water rafting, canyoning, a 4×4 excursion into the mountains. Finally, visit the largest and best known of the Spanish islands, Mallorca. The island offers beautiful beaches and coves, mountains, tiny villages, and many more treasures. It is no surprise that Mallorca keeps enticing visitors to its shores.

Sample Itineraries

Spain Family Adventure (13 days)

In this 13-day itinerary, you have a chance to explore Spain's cosmopolitan cities, taking in the culture, history, architecture and food. We've also included some time to enjoy the countryside, and embark on some adventurous activities, like hiking, canyoning, kayaking, and more. We've also incorporated lots of leisure time so that you can explore and enjoy your time in Spain at your own pace!

Foodie and Cultural Adventure in Spain (12 days)

This 12-day trip to Spain has a compelling mix of great activities, perfect if you’re craving delicious food, wine, history and culture. Indulge in luxury accommodation, set amid stunning scenery; enjoy meals at some of the country's best restaurants, including Michelin star restaurants; sip exquisite wine across the country; and explore historical and cultural sites in Spain's cosmopolitan cities and smaller towns.

Private-guided Honeymoon in Greece (11 days)

This 11-day honeymoon in Greece features custom, private-guided tours around Athens, and the Greek islands of Santorini and Mykonos. Honeymooners get to enjoy the beautiful sights of Greece in romantic and luxurious settings.

Paris & Munich Leisure Family Trip (10 days)

This trip is designed to allow you to move at your own pace and explore your preferred sites of interest in depth! Starting in Paris, you will have the chance to do some guided sightseeing around the city, and then wander the streets and linger at cafes at your leisure. In Munich, enjoy a bicycle tour to take in the history and culture of the city, and attend a Football match in one of Europe’s most famous football stadium.

Hiking in the Azores Islands (8 days)

On this 8-day trip through the Azores, you will explore the ancient world of volcanoes on foot. This is a trip for hikers! Track the origins of São Miguel, Pico and Faial Islands to experience thermal springs and nature at its finest. This is an experience that lets you explore some of the best trails in the Azores, such as the rim of the volcanic complex of Sete Cidades or the Pico Island vineyards, classified as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Italy Culinary Adventure (9 days)

This 9-day journey will take you around the region of Puglia, Italy, which lies in the heel of the boot, along the sun-drenched Adriatic Sea. On this trip you will tour the region by car, by bike and by foot, and partake in one-of-kind culinary experiences – a cooking class, wine, gelato and olive oil tastings, a visit to the famous Li Veli winery, and decadent dinners at the most indulgent restaurants in Puglia. Puglia offers access to the freshest seafood, crowd-free open spaces, irresistible desserts and pastries, distinct wines, and the 50 million olive trees that make this region the world’s leading producer of olive oil.

Mainland City Hopping in Greece (12 days)

This 12-day itinerary will take you across mainland Greece on a city hopping tour. This is a trip you can do all year-round to get a deeper knowledge of Greece's culture, art, incredible museums, and great food! The tour includes two world-class European cities - Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as several smaller towns, such as Nafplio, Laconia, Olympia, Delphi, and Kalambaka. Enjoy in-depth city tours, and well-appointed accommodation along the way. 

Luxury Island Hopping in Greece ‘Off-the-beaten-path’ (13 days)

Many of the Cyclades islands in Greece are popular holiday destinations, however more 'off-the-beaten-path' choices are abundant. This 13-day itinerary takes you to these less discovered islands of Greece where you will indulge in luxury accommodations and enjoy the beautiful beaches on Milos, Folegandros, Ios, and Santorini Islands.  Before setting off on your luxury island hopping tour, you will spend a day getting oriented with a walking tour of the capital, Athens.

Croatia Active Family Adventure (20 days)

This 20-day active itinerary exploits all that Croatia has to offer as an ideal adventure destination. Explore Croatia's beautiful National Parks and mountains, clear untouched rivers, dislocated canyons, and rural households hidden in the beautiful Croatian hinterland.

Southern Europe & Mediterranean