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Terraffinity Special Interest Group Travel
Terraffinity is our division focused on creating, implementing, and delivering travel solutions for Special Interest Groups.

At our core, we at Terraficionados are complex travel problem solvers.

In many cases, the kinds of travel experiences we provide for our travellers are very challenging to execute – solving transportation logistics in remote areas; sourcing authentic accommodation, with character, yet still providing wonderful comforts; providing access to and engagement with subject matter experts on obscure topics… the list goes on!

We have the horsepower and the tools to address these challenges, and deliver life-changing trips for our leisure travel clients. We apply these same capabilities, leveraging the same infrastructure, to address the challenges and needs of Special Interest Groups searching for travel solutions.

Terraffinity is the fastest growing part of our business.

Our growth is fuelled by the great work we do, and ultimately supported by a core of wonderful organizations with whom we’ve had the pleasure of working for a number of years on challenging and highly rewarding travel programs for their members and constituents.

Click here for a summary of some of the Special Interest Group travel programs we’ve developed.

We look forward to partnering with you.

If you are part of a Special Interest Group that is looking for a highly capable travel partner please reach out to us – we are eager to help and we are certain we can be an asset for you.

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Special Interest Group Travel