Program Examples

Terraffinity Special Interest Group Travel

The following are a few of the types of organizations we work with and the programs we’ve developed and delivered for them.

Undergraduate and Graduate University Travel Programs

We work with a number of academic institutions to deliver highly relevant international travel content to support their curriculums.

In one such program – the Ivey Global Lab (IGL) at Western University’s Ivey School of Business – we work with the University to set up 10-week unpaid internships in India and Nicaragua. Over 60 Masters of International Business students undertake these internships as part of their coursework. We set up and deliver transportation, logistics, accommodation, and cultural content for the duration of the students’ stay in-country. Moreover, we help source local organizations and companies to host the students as interns, and we help scope and manage projects that the students work on during their internships.

Learn more about Ivey Global Lab.

MBA Study Tours and Team-Building Experiences

We work with several MBA programs to develop and deliver study tours and team-building travel programs for their students. We have designed and delivered ‘classic’ study tours in a number of international geographies. For these study tours, we don’t only design and handle the overall logistics and cultural / historical content of the trip, but we also help source subject matter experts, speakers, company visits, plant tours, and other content to support the business education objectives of the travel program.

We have also developed a number of ‘pre-term’ International Adventure Trips intended to facilitate relationship/team-building among incoming MBA students who are set to embark on their studies. These International Adventure Trips help ensure the students get off on the right foot and are energized and excited to begin the real journey through their MBA studies!

Several of us are MBAs ourselves and have had lengthy and impactful careers in the corporate world in our ‘pre-Terraficionados’ lives, so we are in a great position to add value beyond what the typical travel company can provide.

Learn about a couple of International Adventure Trips we run for the Tuck School of Business to Peru and Croatia.

Alumni Travel and other Affinity Groups

We work with a number of Alumni Travel Programs and other Affinity Groups to custom-design unique and compelling travel programs for their members and constituents.

We recognize that there are many well established travel suppliers in this market who are great at what they do. We try to fulfill unmet needs in this space by working collaboratively with Alumni and Affinity groups to understand how we can help tap underserved segments of constituents, or to provide new experiences to their loyal repeat travellers.

Each program is tailored to meet the needs of the particular group. Our work to date has focused on providing a more active multi-sport travel option for these organizations, or to provide a trip that responds to a very specific content gap that the organization has.

Learn about a wonderful Multi-Sport travel program we are running for Dartmouth Alumni Travel in Croatia.

We look forward to partnering with you

We pride ourselves on being responsive, flexible, easy to work with, and ultimately supremely capable at delivering the right travel experience to meet the objectives of the organizations we work with.

Please reach out to us to start the conversation.

Program Examples