Learn new passions

What better way to learn a new skill than to travel to a destination where that skill has been honed and mastered, to learn from the local experts, and to really focus on the skill for a dedicated period of time. Traveling to Bali to learn to surf, or to India to practice yoga, or to France to master your culinary skills – these are all exciting and inspiring experiences that will allow you to sharpen your skills while getting a taste of the destination’s culture and sights. What’s your passion?!

These trips are just a sample of the kinds of itineraries we can create which feature learning a new passion. We compose unique travel experiences that are just right for you.

Sample Itineraries

Namibia Photographic Safari (10 Days)

Embark on an awe-inspiring African safari, taking you to Namibia's most, beautiful, picturesque spots along way! Your trip will be specifically designed to capture this terrain at its best, in unique and dynamic ways. Namibia is a country of extraordinary scenery and endless vistas, and this gives it a very special appeal in the eyes of photographers – especially landscape specialists. In addition to this, there is a plethora of subjects for wildlife and cultural photography in the north. Photo opportunity highlights: sunrise over Sossusveli's Dunes, hot air balloon ride over Sossusvlei and three nights in the Etosha National Park, optimal for capturing the Big 5.

Zimbabwe Photographic Safari (11 Days)

This 11-day safari begins at the world famous Victoria Falls. Fly over Victoria Falls in a helicopter for an unbelievable, bird's eye view and capture shots of game from above as they roam around Zambezi National Park. Then, hop aboard a rail car to Southern Hwange National Park. Spend some time in this beautiful ecosystem, immortalizing memories as you build upon your skills as a photographer. Visit a local village, browse the Ngamo Plains and explore the game in the Park. Next, transfer to Northern Hwange, distinctly different from the south in topography, habitats and species of wildlife. Here, embark on bush walks to photograph smaller, more hidden species, experience the nocturnal wildlife and see the Mandauv Dam. Finally, in Zambezi National Park, finish your journey surrounded by wildlife, vegetation and the beautiful Zambezi River, where you can capture some of the most beautiful sunsets in all of Africa.

Sri Lankan Surf and Turf (13 days)

In this 13-day itinerary you will have the chance to experience what Sri Lanka is most famous for – the sun, the sand, the sea and the surf! Explore Sri Lankan culture through a wide range if in-depth excursions. Enjoy unique, intimate resorts and accommodations that will really add to the authenticity of your experience. Discover new passions such as “snuba” diving and stand-up paddling!

Learn new passions