Founding Principles

Terraficionados Travel Society and Journeymakers will turn your travel dreams into reality.

Terraficionados is founded on several fundamental beliefs

  • The world is an amazing place. ‘Experiential’ or ‘soft adventure’ travel connects you with the world. Its many cultures, flavours, scents, and vistas. It can be one of the most rewarding things you ever do.
  • When you seek a new and different travel experience , you look to someone you trust. Someone to provide you with a recommendation, with a unique way to experience something, with ‘inside information’ on how to get the most out of your journey.
  • The best people to help you compose these experiences aren’t your typical travel agents, but rather travel enthusiasts who have been there or have true passion for a destination or a way of experiencing it.
  • There are many of us who LOVE sharing our travel experiences with people, being the ones to provide the recommendations, being the ones to set others up on memorable and inspiring trips.

Terraficionados is a Travel Society

We are travel enthusiasts who believe you should get off the big cruise ships and out of the all-inclusive resorts, and see the world first hand. We want to be part of something that lets us weave the passion for travel into our everyday lives, and which in many cases provides us with an opportunity to finance our own travel experiences! More about our Society Members.

Terraficionados are Journeymakers

We love being the ones to provide recommendations and to compose your journeys. We have access to the best experiential and soft adventure travel services, provided by the best outfitters in the world. We are well-trained to ensure we develop the best possible travel experience at a price that is just right for you. These experiences are more accessible than you might think, and we want to share them with you.

Our whole business model supports this belief system. We recruit, and train travel enthusiasts from all walks of life and enable them to compose amazing travel experiences for you (and for themselves!). We provide terrific tools that enable our Society Members to provide you with personalized service. But we are lean and efficient, so we can offer great commissions and travel rewards for our Society Members while at the same time offering great pricing to you. More about becoming a Society Member.

Founding Principles