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A great value proposition for travel enthusiasts. You love to travel. In particular, you yearn for those special moments where you experience something new, something that touches you, something that creates a new awareness, something that leaves a lasting memory. You are eager to share your travel experiences with others; you go out of your way to recommend that charming Parador, that spectacular hiking trail, that quaint village, that particular lookout over the savannah, that cliffside villa.

Indulge your passion. Terraficionados enables you to indulge your travel passion. We provide a way for you to weave it into your daily routine – as a hobby or ‘side-passion’, or even as a full time endeavour. We put you in a position to compose and organize unique travel experiences for your friends, family, broader network, and if you are so inclined – the market at large. We give you the tools to easily research trip options and to help you stay organized. We provide upfront training and ongoing resources so that you can truly be an expert in your destinations or travel formats of choice. You create the vision and compose the experience of a lifetime for your clients, and Terraficionados – along with our world class partners – handles the tedious work required to pull it off.

Finance your travels, earn some income, or build a meaningful home-based business.

What’s better than indulging your travel passion? Getting paid for it! Terraficionados’ commission program is as competitive as any host travel agency program out there. Only, we aren’t necessarily looking for full-time travel professionals; we are looking for people from all walks of life who will be passionate and energized to do this. Some Society Members choose to take some or all of their commission in the form of discounted or free travel – this can be a way for you to finance your travel passion! You can even build a very lucrative home-based business for yourself, with the schedule flexibility you require to balance the many other demands and interests in your life.

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Become a Society Member