Iceland, Scandinavia & Northern Europe

Northern Europe offers tremendous opportunity for outdoor adventure amidst stunning mountains, glaciers, volcanoes, lakes, waterfalls, and more. Travellers can also explore by water along the region’s picturesque coasts, lined with colourful towns, rugged fjords, and with a high potential for some whale watching and other encounters with nature along the way. Finally, in the right season in this region, you can be witness to the midnight sun, and the remarkable Aurora Borealis phenomenon.


  • Reykjavik, Iceland

  • Stockholm, Sweden

  • The Fjords of Norway

  • Helsinki, Finland

Authentic and Undiscovered

  • Lapland, Finland

  • Muhu Island, Estonia

  • Vilnius, Lithuania

  • Hotel Rangá Space Observatory, Iceland  


Iceland’s natural wonders will amaze you!

Iceland has many natural wonders to explore. The island is defined by its dramatic volcanic landscape of geysers, hot springs, waterfalls, glaciers and black-sand beaches. For some adventure, the glaciers in Vatnajökull and Snæfellsnes national parks are popular for ice climbing, hiking and snowmobiling. You can also get close to nature on a whale-watching trip; what will no doubt be an unforgettable experience with the whales often surfacing within a few meters from the boat so you can see them up-close! For some rejuvenation, visit the Blue Lagoon to experience a variety of health and emotional benefits as you bathe in the geothermal waters. And of course, you can witness the stunning Aurora Borealis phenomenon! Iceland is home to a world-class astronomical observatory to view the Northern Lights and other cosmic features.

In addition to its natural wonders, Iceland also offers a world-class culinary scene, and its cosmopolitan capital, Reykjavik, is known for renowned nightlife, as well as Viking history museums and other compelling cultural and historical sites.

Scandinavia – For urban travellers, and outdoor adventurers alike

Scandinavia, a region in Northern Europe including Sweden, Norway and Denmark, tends to attract both nature lovers and city lovers alike.

Nature lovers come to Scandinavia to explore its natural beauty, housed in its many national parks. With expansive forests, lakes, waterfalls, glaciers, and volcanoes, the parks offer great hiking, kayaking and glacier walking. Along the coasts, travelers can sail around the rugged fjords and tiny islands, taking in the beautiful sites and the invigorating fresh air. 

City lovers come to explore the vibrant capitals of Scandinavia. These cosmopolitan cities offer internationally acclaimed restaurants, lively nightlife, outstanding modern architecture, and excellent museums.

Travellers can visit at any time of year, but must be prepared for the stark contrast of seasons. In the long, cold winters, the sun makes only brief appearances – if at all. Despite the cold, there is plenty to do – Skiing, sledding, ice fishing, gazing at the mystical Northern Lights. The summertime brings very long days, ideal for being outdoors, hiking, cycling, exploring the urban life, and more!

Greenland – A unique perspective on Northern Europe

Come see the magnificent scenery in Greenland. With a limited road network, travellers often move about by helicopter or boat. Traveling in this way gives you a unique perspective of the country’s stunning mountains, glaciers and fjords. You’ll also see, scattered along Greenland’s coast, picturesque little villages, colourfully painted.

For some additional adventure, Greenland also offers amazing opportunities for sea kayaking, rock climbing, dog sledding and salmon fishing. Finally, for those night owls, you have the opportunity to soak up the midnight sun!

Sample Itineraries

Northwest Passage – Arctic Discovery (17 days)

On this immersive 17-day expedition through the fabled sea route, the Northwest Passage, you’ll explore the same landscapes and waters that have enchanted adventurers for hundreds of years, tracing their footsteps. Experience highlights of the Canadian Arctic, visit traditional Inuit communities, view iconic arctic wildlife, such as whales, walrus and muskoxen, and explore deep fjords, ancient glaciers and innumerable icebergs. Zodiac cruises and hiking excursions bring you closer to the raw beauty of lands few have set foot on and waters few have sailed.

Iceland Luxury Adventure (13 days)

In this 13-day luxury adventure, explore the magic of Iceland with its spectacular hot springs, waterfalls, ice caves, and volcanoes. Learn why Reykjavik is one of the fastest-growing travel destinations in the world – a modern, cosmopolitan capital that boasts world-class dining, is steeped in rich history and tradition, and awe-inspiring landscapes.

Private-Guided Adventure in Norway (10 days)

This 10-day trip to Norway is packed full of active adventures, and historical and cultural sightseeing. Visit mountains, glaciers, fjords and valleys in Bergen and the surrounding area, and visit all the popular sights in the city of Oslo on private-guided tours by foot, bicycle and car.

Greenland Expedition (6 days)

Experience the magical, impressive and beautiful Greenland. Over 6 days, you will have the opportunity to partake in Greenland's unique society and their natural wonders. From dog-sledding, to glacier hiking, to whale watching, this is a country that never ceases to amaze and delight!

Iceland, Scandinavia & Northern Europe