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The Ultimate European Destination for Foodies and Cyclists

Puglia is the sun-drenched heel of the boot of Italy that spans two seas, the Adriatic and the Ionian. With a dry Mediterranean climate perfect for wine making, spectacular white-washed villages, a rich cultural and architectural history, miles of gorgeous coastline and prices at a fraction of what you would pay in a Northern Italian city, the region is making its mark as an ultimate European foodie destination and a paradise for cyclists.

The best time to visit Puglia is Spring (April-June) and Fall (September until early November). In the Spring the wildflowers are in bloom and you will encounter vibrant fields of wildflowers at every turn. In the Fall, the harvest is in full swing and mild temperatures make it a perfect time for active adventures like cycling and hiking!

We have a 9-day trip, which will take you on a journey around the region of Puglia, and includes many one-of-kind experiences. Check out highlights from this trip below.

Indulge in Pugliese Food & Wine



Private Cooking Class – First collect some seafood from the local fishermen. Then learn how to create some delicious, local dishes with a globally renowned chef. After the class, enjoy a delicious meal together, with exceptional local wine, paired to the flavors of each course.

Winery Tour with an Oenologist  Visit a prestigious winery, where the engaging and passionate oenologist will take you on a beautiful walk through the estate and the vineyards. After, you will be treated to a delicious lunch and wine tasting in a private dining room overlooking the oak barrels.

Burrata Making Experience – Discover the secrets of cheese-making in the ancient traditions of Puglia. You will meet local cheese artisan at his farm, where he will demonstrate the art of making fresh burrata and let you try twisting a knot of mozzarella or two! Of course, you will also get to sample the selection.

Tour an Olive Oil Estate -Puglia is estimated to have 50 million olive trees, some as old as 2,000 years. With this enormous number of trees Puglia produces more olive oil than anywhere else in Europe and many olive oil producers will welcome you to tour their olive groves, taste their extra virgin oil and even take part in the harvest, which begins in November.

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Puglia by Bike, Car, and Foot

Matera Italy


Professional Guided Cycling – Your ride begins with a lovely climb into the chic and beautiful hilltop town of Cisternino, where you will enjoy sweeping views of the Itria Valley. You will have time for a coffee or gelato to recharge your batteries before continuing along the ridge with breathtaking sea views.

Vintage Cars through the Itria Valley – This adventure will allow you to discover the beautiful landscape of Puglia, the old country lanes, picturesque hilltop towns, vineyards and olive groves from behind the wheel of a stunning vintage car. In an eye-catching convoy, we’ll drive to a striking cliff-top town famous for its amazing gelato.

Walking Tour of Ancient Caves – The famed UNESCO World Heritage Site, Matera, is perched high on a beautiful hillside and only recently seen by foreign eyes. Take a walking tour around the “sassi”, ancient cave dwellings now restored for current use as homes, shops, and restaurants.  You will even overnight in one of the unique “sassi” hotels.

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Italy Culinary Adventure (9 days)
6,819 EUR per person with 2 people in group (double occupancy)
5,605 EUR per person with 4 people in group (double occupancy)
3,569 EUR per person with 8 people in group (double occupancy)


Note: Pricing is indicative and will be confirmed at time of booking. Pricing may vary based on travel dates.


As always, we can customize this trip for you. Please contact us to start the conversation!


The Ultimate European Destination for Foodies and Cyclists