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Discover Undiscovered Madagascar

This month, DISCOVER MADAGASCAR! This huge island country is approximately 400km off the coast of Africa where tourism is still very new. The benefit: An authentic, adventurous travel experience in an undiscovered environment.

Why Madagascar?
Unique wildlife: Cut off from mainland for millions of years, the island’s flora and fauna has evolved into unique species, many of which are found nowhere else in the world, the most famous of which are the numerous species of lemurs.

Stunning landscapes: Madagascar has a rich variety of environments. The unreal beauty of the deciduous forests, dense rainforest, white sand beaches and lofty mountains all offer one-of-a-kind landscapes that are a traveler’s dream come true.

Fabulous beaches: Nestled between the Indian Ocean and the Mozambique Channel, Madagascar offers a beautiful array of white sand beaches, azure waters and coral reefs. With the fairly underdeveloped tourism sector, if you wander off the beaten track, you will likely have this paradise all to yourself.


Make a trip to Madagascar as a standalone holiday, or extend your travels to South Africa with a daily flight from Joburg to the capital of Madagascar.

The best season to visit is from March to November, to take advantage of the sunniest weather.

Below we have an 11-day sample travel experience to Madagascar. But remember, we can customize your trip!

Madagascar Discovery (11 days)

SIFAKA Madagascar

On this 11-day trip, explore Madagascar’s unique flora and fauna in the area surrounding the Mandrare River in the south, and in the rainforest of the Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, while getting to know the friendly and welcoming Malagasy people.


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Some highlights from the trip:

Stay at the Mandrare River Camp – Wake up in the morning, walk outside to your private terrace, and enjoy the golden sunrise overlooking the Mandrare River. The luxury en-suite tents are generously spread out in the shade of Tamarind trees, all with breathtaking views across the tranquil water to the sacred mountains beyond. The seclusion of the camp affords intimate access and insight to the Spiny Forest, home to an abundance of unique wildlife and the fascinating Antandroy tribe that inhabit this arid and otherworldly landscape.

Night walk in the Forest of Zenavo – This is a fantastic way to see diurnal lemurs bedding down, and the nocturnal lemurs beginning to wake in the eerie and prehistoric Spiny Forest. On your walk, you will spot Sifakas and sleeping White-foot Sportive lemurs, sleeping birds, chameleons, owls and now active Sportive lemurs.

Relax, immersed in nature  – Enjoy plenty of time to relax…. Witness the sunlight break through the octopus trees on your early morning walk to the Spiny Forest; Enjoy a sundowner amidst the baobabs – a magical experience; Relax after your morning walks, watching life along the river from your tent terrace.

Private-guided walks in Andasibe-Mantadia National Park – This rainforest is habitat to a vast species biodiversity, including many endemic rare species and endangered species, including 11 lemur species. Most visitors making the excursion have one purpose – to hear and see the Indri Indri calling. The Indri Indri is the biggest lemur. The reserve is also exceptionally rewarding for reptiles, frogs, and for birdwatching.



7,747 EUR per person with 2 people in group (double occupancy)
7,560 EUR per person with 6 people in group (double occupancy)
7,280 EUR per person with 8 people in group (double occupancy)
Pricing is valid for 2018. 
Please note: This sample itinerary is on the higher end of the cost scale. We can also build experiences that can suit a more cost-conscious requirement. 


As always, we can customize any trip for you. Contact us now to start the conversation!

Discover Undiscovered Madagascar