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Wild, Exclusive and Ultimate Namibia Safaris

Namibia is a country of extraordinary scenery and endless vistas. It is also an ‘ageless land’; visible through the country’s heritage of rock art created by stone-age artists, and geological attractions such as the petrified forest where fossilized tree trunks have lain for over 280 million years. With these factors and one of the lowest population densities in the world, Namibia gives you a feeling of antiquity, solitude and wilderness.

A safari in Namibia affords you the chance to experience this magnificent and memorable country in a very personal way. There are many different ways to experience Namibia. This month, we are featuring just a few of these: The Ultimate Namibia Safari offers a pretty comprehensive safari with guaranteed, monthly, small group departures, providing excellent value for money. A Fly-in and Private-Guided Safari covers all major Namibia highlights in a short period of time and is a great extension on a South Africa, Botswana or Zimbabwe safari. Journeys Under Canvas offer a true “back to nature” experience with the emphasis being on the experiential aspect of safaris.

All travel experiences include Namibia’s most reputable and well-known naturalist guides who will enhance your enjoyment of this unique country by making it a fascinating and stress-free journey of discovery amidst very dramatic scenery. Read on below to find out more!

The Ultimate Namibia Safari (12 days)

Namib Rand Nature Reserve Namibia

This 12-day safari offers the ‘Best of Namibia’. Travel with one of Namibia’s most reputable and well-known naturalist guides, climb some of the world’s highest free-standing sand dunes, sea kayak with seals and dolphins, track for desert-adapted elephants, visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Twyfelfontein, visit an authentic and remote Himba settlement, experience memorable and exciting guided game drives, and visit the world renowned AfriCat Foundation and learn more about conservation initiatives involving Africa’s large cats.

While Terraficionados focuses mainly on tailor-made experiences, this small group trip (1-7 people) with guaranteed monthly departures between March and December was mainly designed to provide excellent value for money so that our clients can get the benefit of travelling with an experienced naturalist guide without having to carry the entire cost of a private-guided safari of their own.

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Fly-In & Private-Guided Safari












We have found that a combination of fly-in and private-guided safaris work really well for the more discerning traveler.

Our tailored fly-in safaris afford our clients the opportunity to experience much of the best of this magnificent and varied country even if you only have limited time to spend. The variations in the vast landscapes are emphasized from the air, and it is a particular privilege to get to see some of the areas you cannot easily reach in a vehicle.

Fly-in safaris are ideally combined with a private-guided overland safari in order to enjoy the best of both worlds! One of our highly respected naturalist guides accompanies you throughout, providing that added ingredient which transforms any safari into a life enriching experience.

Contact us to plan your tailor-made, fly-in, private guided safari.

Journeys Under Canvas

A Journey Under Canvas is particularly appealing to those who want to connect with the earth, culture and wildlife in a very up-close and personal manner. This type of safari gives you access to exclusive areas away from the beaten path. Your days are filled with thrilling encounters as you enjoy private-guided game drives and nature walks in the most wild, remote and private places. At night you stay in your semi-permanent camp, with a low environmental footprint, where you are entranced with exclusivity beyond most people’s wildest dreams.

Add a Journey Under Canvas as a short extension to your safari to truly get a “back to nature” experience with the emphasis being on the experiential aspect of the safari. Touch, smell, feel and experience the wild, with your feet firmly in the dust that covers Africa.

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The Ultimate Namibia Safari (12 days):  From 49,899 ZAR per person (double occupancy)

Note: Pricing varies based on travel dates. Rates are valid for 2018 small group departures. 

Fly-in, private-guided safaris and Journeys Under Canvas are tailor-made and will be priced upon request.


As always, we can customize any trip for you. Contact us now to start the conversation!

Wild, Exclusive and Ultimate Namibia Safaris