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The Lesser-Known Side of Greece

Greece is more than we were taught in school, or than we have seen in photos. Exceeding all glossy picture-postcard expectations, Greece’s islands are splendidly breathtaking, with a rich variety of landscapes, cultures, villages, and colors. And beyond the islands, Mainland Greece is overflowing with natural wonders, ancient sites and archaeological marvels.

While the islands are a great destination for the summertime, mainland Greece can be visited all year-round. With Labour Day behind us, let us help you plan a trip to Greece this Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer!

Below we are featuring two trips to Greece – one is a city hopping tour of mainland Greece, and the other is a luxury island hopping tour of Greece’s lesser known islands. These two itineraries can even be combined for a great mix of deep history and culture, along with some rest and relaxation. Remember, this is just a sample – We have the tools to compose a wide range of experiences customized just for you!

Mainland City Hopping in Greece (12 days)

Steeped deep in history and culture, mainland Greece portrays a beautiful blend of the past with the future. Experience a journey through history while walking among the city’s numerous ancient monuments, vibrant tavernas and lively street markets.

This 12-day city hopping tour will give you a deeper knowledge of Greece’s culture, art, incredible museums, and great food! The tour includes two world-class European cities – Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as several smaller towns, such as Nafplio, Laconia, Olympia, Delphi, and Kalambaka. Enjoy in-depth city tours, and well-appointed accommodation along the way.

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Luxury Island Hopping ‘Off-the-beaten-path’ (13 days)


Many of the Cyclades islands in Greece are popular holiday destinations, however more ‘off-the-beaten-path’ choices are abundant. This 13-day itinerary takes you to these less discovered Greek islands where you will indulge in luxury accommodations and enjoy the beautiful beaches on Milos, Folegandros, Ios, and Santorini Islands.

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Mainland City Hopping in Greece (12 days) 
From 7,369 EUR per person with 2 people in group (double occupancy)
From 4,755 EUR per person with 4 people in group (double occupancy)
Luxury Island Hopping in Greece ‘Off-the-beaten-path’ (13 days)
From 5,829 EUR per person with 2 people in group (double occupancy)
From 5,650 EUR per person with 4 people in group (double occupancy)
Note: Pricing varies based on travel dates. Prices are valid for 2018. Domestic flights are included.


As always, we can customize this trip for you. Contact us now to start the conversation!

The Lesser-Known Side of Greece