Brazil Active Adventure (15 days)

Take a spectacular, active adventure through Brazil! Tour Rio de Janeiro and see the city’s famous historical and cultural sites. Visit the country’s most amazing natural wonders such as Iguacu Falls, the Torrinha Caves, and Morro do Pai Inacio. Then, travel into the jungle and experience the Amazon! See Pink Dolphins, go Piranha Fishing and visit the local community in Rio Negro. This journey is definitely for those who love nature and adventure and wish to experience Brazil in a unique, exciting way!

Daily Itinerary

Day 1

Details for Today

Arrive: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Accommodation: Miramar Hotel

Upon your arrival in Rio International Airport, meet our host for your transfer to the hotel. Check in and relax for the rest of the evening.

Day 2

Details for Today

Rio de Janeiro:

  • Enjoy a private-guided city tour, including the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer, splendid baroque churches, ruins of the old port
  • Explore Santa Teresa, home to Rio’s artists

Accommodation: Miramar Hotel

Meals: B

This morning, our host will meet you in the lobby to take you to a sight considered one of the world’s most famous tour attractions; the statue of Christ the Redeemer with its open arms blessing the whole city of Rio de Janeiro. Exquisitely positioned on top of the 710m high Corcovado (hunchback) Hill, made of concrete and soapstone measuring 37 meters high and weighing 1.145 tons the statue was inaugurated in 1931 and built with donations by the Catholic Church. A superb view of the whole city can be enjoyed from its open terraces including the city centre and the beaches of the southern neighborhoods such as Copacabana Ipanema and the Lagoon. It is also possible to see the Sugar Loaf hill at the entrance of Guanabara Bay, the whole city of Niterói, as well as a huge portion of the northern part of the city and its suburbs. From the top you can admire the fantastic blend of gorgeous beaches being washed by deep blue waters, high mountains that bound the landscape, thick forests and urban areas all together and connected. Once in Rio, it is easy to understand why Brazilians say that it took God seven days to create the whole world and five of them were spent only working in Rio!

Visiting some of the historical and cultural attractions in Rio’s city centre, it is easy and very interesting to understand the whole history of the city. This tour gives you some time to walk along narrow XIX century streets, splendid baroque churches and the ruins of the old port from where the most part of the Brazilian gold started its long journey to Europe.

Not far from the city centre there is a distinctive place that some people call Rio’s Montmartre! You cannot miss a visit to Santa Teresa, a unique part of Rio located on the hills with its old houses and narrow streets. It is a place where you can feel the atmosphere of art music and history. Being the home for several painters and artists, this little jewel is encircled by charming little restaurants bistros and bars that add a touch of both sophisticated and simple gastronomy options. In Santa Teresa you will feel like you’re in a little town with the small grocery stores markets and family businesses.

You will also have the opportunity to visit one of Rio’s most impressive tourist attractions: the Ruins Park a cultural centre located at the ruins of a XIX century house with a belvedere that provides you one of the most beautiful views of Rio.

Day 3

Details for Today

Rio de Janeiro:

  • Hike The Sugar Loaf Mountain
  • Take the cable car to Morro de Urca
  • Enjoy a private-guided bicycle tour of Brazil’s famous beaches

Accommodation: Miramar Hotel

Meals: B

Get ready for an adventurous way to explore one of the most famous postcards of Rio – The Sugar Loaf Mountain! Our host will meet you at the hotel lobby and take you towards Praia Vermelha beach and Claudio Coutinho trail, a known playground for sports such as biking and especially hiking. The trail begins with a steep incline alternating with flatter parts and some more challenging uphill.

Getting to the top of the Sugar Loaf by hiking/climbing can be done by anyone with a good physical condition and does not require any special equipment besides some good hiking boots or climbing shoes.

On the way back get the cable car to Morro da Urca from where you will do a short hike back to Praia Vermelha. Some of the best views from Rio are guaranteed on this amazing and challenging tour.

In the afternoon, take a pleasant bicycle tour along one of the world’s most famous beaches. You will have the chance to feel and observe how the cariocas enjoy their beaches; running playing soccer and cycling along the seashore.

We will begin our ride at “Parque dos Patins” then cycle around the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon using the vast bicycle lanes available throughout the South zone of Rio. We will make several stops on the way, allowing us to take pictures of the amazing landscape, where we can also get a snapshot of Christ the Redeemer statue.

We will then go to the Leblon Belvedere, and stop for a drink, before heading to Ipanema by the beach until reaching “Arpoador” rock. From Arpoador, we will continue to Leme, crossing the famous beach of Copacabana. Option to return to the hotel by car or by bike.

Day 4

Details for Today

Rio de Janeiro:

  • Hike up Dois Irmaos Hill for a spectacular 360 degree view of Rio
  • Take a walking tour through Rio’s Shanty Town to explore some of the social aspects of Rio

Accommodation: Miramar Hotel

Meals: B

Today, take an amazing hike to the Dois Irmãos (Two Brother’s) hill!

The Dois Irmãos hill is the twin peak rising 533 m at the end of the Leblon Beach. The hill and its 844 m high neighbor, Pedra da Gavea (Gavea Rock), are seen from most parts of the southern zone of Rio and from the hill, you will have even more unique views of our spectacular city.

The start of the climb will happen from the popular Vidigal favela, the one with the highest number of foreign inhabitants in Rio and will take us through a network of trails footpaths and labyrinths and into the Penhasco Dois Irmãos Natural Park.

The higher you go the more impressive the sights become, and you will have complete views of the Pedra da Gavea, the south zone neighborhoods and beaches of Leblon, Ipanema and Copacabana, the Rodrigo de Freitas Lake, the Christ statue and the Sugar Loaf and the immense Atlantic Ocean. It is the only real 360º spot in a mountain summit in Rio.

After our hike we will continue to a unique program to explore some of the social aspects of Rio through a walk in the poor community of Rio also know as “favelas” (shanty towns).

This walking tour will take us to one of the communities where a Pacification Police Unit of Rio de Janeiro was installed. Today the local community develops several social programs like ‘Centro de Montanha Vidigal’ the profits of this tour go to local residents and centers. We start by walking through the maze of alleys to get a feel of how it is to live in a favela. Then we continue to a trail that leads to a ledge with breathtaking views of Ipanema Copacabana the Lagoon and Guanabara Bay.

Vidigal’s stunning location offers visitors a privileged view of the city. The walking tour is conducted by a trained tour guide who lives in the community. After our walk through the maze of narrow alleyways that cling to the steep hillside we are rewarded by sweeping views of the Sugarloaf, Christ the Redeemer, Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Favela Vidigal is quickly becoming a must-see tourist destination in Rio de Janeiro. The tour gives visitors a different perspective of the city and offers a glimpse into the daily routine of the favela. The tour contributes to the community’s social development and fosters the exchange between different classes and cultures.

Day 5

Details for Today

Transfer: Fly to Iguaçu National Park

Iguaçu National Park:

  • Take a walking tour of Iguacu Falls
  • Ride the glass elevator up the cliff face

Accommodation: Hotel Belmond das Cataratas

Meals: B

Check out at of Hotel Miramar. Meet our host at the hotel lobby for your transfer out to the International Airport on time for your flight to Iguaçu.

At your arrival in Foz do Iguaçu Airport meet our host for your transfer to the Hotel Belmond das Cataratas. Check in at the Hotel.

Your host will be at the hotel lobby from where we will start our walking tour along the falls. The tour will start on the lower part on a stroll on the trail that descends down the canyon to offer panoramic views of more than 240 falls.

Ride the glass elevator up the cliff face for an exquisite view from the upper deck. The Iguassu National Park along with its “sister” park in Argentina form the most significant remaining rainforest in the southern cone of South America which along with the waterfalls has been declared a National Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Day 6

Details for Today

Foz Do Iguacu: 

  • Tour the Argentina National Falls Park
  • Take a boat tour to see whirlpools and a close up look at the falls

Accommodation: Hotel Belmond das Cataratas

Meals: B

Today your guide will meet you at the hotel lobby for the short car transfer to the Argentina National Falls Park where you will be doing a walking tour.

In order to get to the catwalks from where the falls can be viewed, we will board a gas-propelled train which will take us to the upper falls circuit and the Devil’s Throat the most impressive waterfall at Iguassu. A catwalk rising 1100 meters high from the Iguassu River will lead us to a magnificent view of the largest and most striking waterfall in the region. A strategic viewpoint located at the end of the platform allows a close-up view of the fauna and flora. From this point the visitor is so close to the huge fall that they can really feel all the power and magic of that unforgettable destination.

Next we will explore the lower circuit catwalks from where we can have other striking views being closer to the Iguassu River and seeing more breathtaking falls and landscapes.

For those who like adventure the Gran Aventura boat tour is not to be missed! Whirlpools, waves and currents provoked by the falls add adrenaline and lots of emotion to this thrilling tour. In the Argentina side of the Iguassu National Park, specially adapted large trucks will take visitors to explore four miles into the humid subtropical forest as far as the banks of the Iguassu River. There, we will board special zodiac boats that will take us at high speed downstream from the falls. We will enjoy one of the most remarkable experiences in the region: the direct and wet contact with the mighty Iguassu Falls. This will be a journey of pure excitement and fun, embraced by the fabulous scenery of the cliffs formed by waterfalls. On sunny days, it is almost impossible to finish the tour without seeing rainbows. Formed between the cliffs, the rainbows look like a celestial gateway to paradise. A unique experience!

Day 7

Details for Today

Transfer : Fly to Salvador


  • Visit Morro do Pai Inacio
  • Experience the amazing sunset

Accommodation: Canto das Aguas

Meals: B

Check-out of your hotel and take a private transfer to the airport on time for your flight to Salvador.

Meet your guide at the Salvador Airport and private transfer to Lençóis.  Arrival at Lençóis and check into hotel.

In the afternoon visit “Morro do Pai Inácio”. Morro do Pai Inácio, one of the highlights at Chapada Diamantina, has some of the most spectacular views of the region. With a series of flat topped mountains that are characteristic for this landscape, it is very windy but nevertheless beautiful plants and flowers are still able to grow.

After sunset return to Lençóis.

Day 8

Details for Today

Lencois, and surrounding area:

  • Visit the Gruta da Torrinha Caves
  • Tour Pratinha, a bathing spa
  • Watch the sunset at Morro do Pai Inacio

Accommodation: Canto das Aguas

Meals: B,L

Transfer by car to Gruta da Torrinha. Take a 2 hour walk through the cave – It’s the most beautiful grotto at Chapada Diamantina full of stalactites, stalagmites and other speleothems

Afterwards we will visit Pratinha, a bathing spa that is a real oasis in such an arid area. The bottom of the lake has countless micro-conchs, showing that there was a sea in this region in the past. Pratinha’s River formed many grottos in the limestone.

Next, pass through Gruta Azul, a short walking distance from Pratinha. By this time the sunrays start to enter and reach the water, creating magic colors. Kids remain surprisingly quiet admiring this wonder. There is a connection between this grotto and the lake, available only to specialized divers.

After lunch at Pratinha, visit to Poço do Diabo. It is dark and gives a weird sensation, with an almost complete lack of visibility. Nevertheless, the acids that give this color are not pollutants.

Finally depart towards Rio Mucugezinho. At the end of the day enjoy the sunset at Morro do Pai Inácio. Return to Lençóis by car.

Day 9

Details for Today


  • Enjoy a full day to explore Lencois
  • Explore Serrano of Lencois River
  • Visit Cachoeira da Primavera Waterfall
  • Hike to Ribeirao do Meio to enjoy a natural slide and swimming pool

Accommodation: Canto das Aguas

Meals: B,L

Take a full day to explore Lençóis!

Start in Serrano, part of Lençóis river. The water diverts the mountain and flows over a large rock, with numerous potholes forming natural pools, until you reach the city center.

Next visit Cachoeira da Primavera. Formed by the Grisante River, this is another small waterfall about 4m high.

Move on to Ribeirão do Meio (2h walk roundtrip). Ribeirão do Meio is 3.5 km from the city of Lençóis, where you can enjoy a natural slide and some of the natural swimming pool.

Finish the day walking by the Ribeirão River Valley to reach the Cachoeira do Sossego.

Day 10

Details for Today

Transfer: Lencois to Capao

En Route to Capao:

  • Trek from Lencois to Riachinho Waterfall
  • Walk to the top of Cachoeira da Fumaca

Accommodation: Villa Lagoa das Cores

Meals: B,L

Take a beautiful trek from Lençois to Riachinho today!

Transfer by car to the beginning of the trail, then walk up to the top of “Cachoeira da Fumaça”. With a 340m drop, it was believed to be the country’s highest waterfall until the 353 m tall Cachoeira do Araca was recently discovered in the Amazon. The wind spreads the water and even carries it upwards, forming a curtain of droplets – thus the name “smoke”.

Enjoy a boxed lunch at the top!

Walk back by the same way then transfer to Riachinho. This waterfall has several falls forming a natural rock pool. Great for relaxing after a full day walking.

After, transfer to Capão. Arrive at your accommodation and overnight.

Day 11

Details for Today

Transfer: Fly to Manaus
Accommodation: Tropical Manaus Ecoresort
Meals: B

After Breakfast, take a private transfer to Salvador Airport for your flight to Manaus.

Our guide will meet you at the Manaus airport for your private transfer to the Tropical Manaus Ecoresort!

Day 12

Details for Today

Tropical Manaus Ecoresort:

  • Morning at leisure

Transfer:  From Tropical Manaus Ecoresort to Anavilhanas

Accommodation: Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge

Meals: B

After a leisurely morning, you will be met in the hotel lobby for your transfer to Anavilhanas.

Day 13

Details for Today


  • Visit the Pink Dolphins
  • Tour craft centers with products made from natural materials
  • Explore the forest and learn about survival in the Amazon
  • Take a boat tour of the surrounding lakes and rivers
  • Embark on a night time canoe excursion

Accommodation: Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge

Meals: B

Here, visit the pink dolphins and craft centers in Novo Aírão. Visit to an area where pink dolphins come up close in search of fish. Soon after we’ll visit two craft centers where craftsmen offer products made with natural materials such as straw and wood chips.

Led by experienced local guides, explore the forest where some of the mysteries of the Amazon are revealed. Knowledge of wild trees, fruits and berries, and guidelines for survival and medicinal herbs will be shared.

Tour the numerous channels, lakes, islands and holes of the largest river archipelago in the world on a regional vessel.

Later in the evening, take a unique journey to experience the sensation of living and feeling the forest at night. Take motorized canoes to explore the flooded forest in search of sloths, birds, snakes, and alligators and immersion in the sounds of the night.

Day 14

Details for Today


  • Experience the Anavilhanas at dawn
  • Go Piranha fishing
  • Canoe along flooded forests and streams
  • Visit a local community in Rio Negro

Accommodation: Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge

Meals: B

This morning, leaving at dawn, you will be taken to a lake in the Anavilhanas to observe the birds and contemplate the beauty of the colors and shades of the Amazon skies.

Later, go piranha fishing! Take this fun fishing trip in wooden canoes along the creeks of the region, where you will have an opportunity to snag some piranhas and other fish while enjoying the scenery around.

This afternoon, go canoeing along the flooded forests and streams in a native-made wooden canoe. You will row through the trees and rivers, enjoying the sounds and scenery of every twist and turn of the woods.

To end the day, visit the local community in an isolated area in Rio Negro. Here, learn a little about their lifestyle, their social organization and culture. On the way, we’ll pass through the Negro River, a wonderfully beautiful journey.

Day 15

Details for Today

Depart: Manaus, Brazil

Meals: B


An Anavilhanas representative will meet you at the Lodge lobby for your transfer to the Airport of Manaus.


Belmond Hotel Das Cataratas, Foz Do Iguacu, Brazil 

Located inside the Brazilian Iguaçu National Park, the Hotel das Cataratas is surrounded by lush flora and fauna and a spectacular location close to Iguaçu Falls. Here, guests will find sophisticated colonial-style lodging and environmentally conscious accommodations.

Canto Das Aguas, Lencois, Brazil 

Located next to a beautiful cascading waterfall and surrounded by Northeastern Brazil’s natural beauty, the Canto das Aguas pousada is ideal for tourists looking to relax amidst a breathtaking environment.

Tropical Manaus Ecoresort, Manaus, Brazil 

The Tropical Manaus is an ecological resort located in the majestic Amazon Forest, on the banks of the Rio Negro (‘Black River’). The resort combines comfortable accommodations with the surrounding natural vegetation and wildlife to create the perfect lodging for guests looking for serenity and tranquility.

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge

The Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is located 180 km northwest of Manaus, on the right margin of the Rio Negro. Located across from the world’s largest river archipelago, the hotel is the perfect place to explore the wonders of the Amazon basin.

Brazil Active Adventure (15 days)